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Pricess Aurora

WBB Princess Aurora Of Epic Monster Bullies

Aurora was born January 2023, She is the first pick puppy from Creed's first breeding.  We have decided to keep in our program.  She is living a amazing life with our Kennel Partner. We cannot wait to see what she becomes as she gets older.

Aurora also know as Rora, is Embark tested, we will work on additional testing when she is a bit older.  

Rora has a super sweet personality, has her dads temperament 100 Percent.

Embark results: 

Pricess Aurora: Welcome
Pricess Aurora: Pro Gallery

Princess Aurora  Dam and Sire :

MBK'S Creed of Epic Monster Bullies and NWEBK Nala of Wrecking Ball Bullies

Pricess Aurora: About Us
Pricess Aurora: Pro Gallery
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