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Briar Rose

Briar Rose was born October of 2022. Briar Rose is huge, at 11 months old this girl is already tapping in at 128lbs. She is living a amazing life with our Kennel Partner. This girl is as sweet and submissive as they come!! We cannot wait to see what she is going to be like at 18 months old.  

More pictures coming. 

She is ABKC Registered. We have embarked her and will work on additional testing when she is a bit older. 

She is off of Trap Nation Bullyz Nova and MBK's Game Over

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Briar Rose: About
Briar Rose: Pro Gallery

Briar Rose Dam and Sire:

Sire - MBK's Game Over   Dam -Trap nation bullyz Nova

Briar Rose: About Us
Briar Rose: Pro Gallery
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