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Queen B Raven is a Blue Tri Merle.  She was born in November of 2021. AT 18 months old this girl is sitting at 100 lbs. 

Raven is ABKC register and embark tested. 

Raven is my sons dog.  She enjoys living just hanging out side on my sons bed all day! This girl is big but oh so sweet! 

Her dam is Bobbie Marley of Rain City Kennels ( 24" and 124lbs) and her sire is COAKS Robin Williams (21" and 120lbs) 

Her Pedigree consists of Bossy Jumanji, Bossy King of San Dimas, Bossy Nemesis, Bossy Queen Nubia, Bossy Lily, MSB Heaven, Bossy Pink, Bossy Megan Fox, Bossy Champion Merc, 2x Bossy Willy Wonka, 2x Bossy Victoria Secret, 2x Bossy Silverback and 2x Primeyard Trinidad

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Queen B Ravens Dam and Sire:

Sire: Coaks Robin Williams      Dam: Coaks Bobbie Marley

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Queen B Raven: Pro Gallery
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